RF-IO100-K4 - Wireless 433 Input /Ouput module - LoNa - (including batteries)

This 2-way input/output module, using the latest LoNa technology, allows you to link a wired application to your wireless security system using two open collector outputs. The I/O module and its batteries are located inside the tamper protected housing. Opening of this housing is reported to the panel as a tamper condition. With this module, you can assign actions to these outputs and these events will drive 2 outputs by the wireless panel. The module can be easily installed thanks to its wireless communication and learn-mode technology (LED indications). The supervision of the wireless communication & the batteries usage are...
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  • Easy learn-in procedure
  • Module with 2 event-assigned outputs
  • Box tamper input
  • Supervision on wireless communication
Scheda tecnica

Scheda tecnica

Number, type and rating of outputs  2x, O/C, 18V – 3A max

Number and range of input  2x, 0V-18V range

Board operating voltage  2.1V – 3.1V

Current consumption – sleep mode  20 uA at 3.1V +/-5%

Current consumption – active mode  6.7 mA at 3.1V +/-5%Current consumption – transmitting RF  43.8 mA at 3.1V +/-5%

Battery type  4x 1.5 AA alkaline

Battery lifetime  3 years

Operating frequency  433 MHz

Compatible with  Interlogix LoNa transceivers (i.e: ZeroWire)

Open-air range  400m

Dimensions (L x W x D)  155 x 114 x 44 mm

Documentazione - PDF

Documentazione PDF

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