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430211006 – T-525W Reader 1-gang, black, and 12 key pad*



Transition™ Series multi-technology access readers feature simultaneous compatibility with multi-vendor credential technologies—UTC and HID 125 kHz Proximity, HID Corporate 1000 Proximity, 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technologies for MIFARE® Card Serial Number (ISO 14443A), MIFARE/DESFire Card Serial Number, and Vicinity Card Serial Number (ISO 15693), including HID iCLASS® Card Serial Number—all in one reader. With this remarkable technology combination, security administrators can now deploy the Transition readers into existing or new facilities or systems—continuing to serve existing card-carrying users while migrating to the latest in security and smart-card technology advancements. No matter which credential technology an organization currently employs, Transition readers allow continued use of existing systems and features—but more importantly, they also offer the ability to transition to new and more secure smart card technology. Transition readers offer security system administrators an economical solution to migrate to this new technology and better secure their businesses, all on their own timelines and budgets.

Supported Card Technologies :

• UTC ProxLiteTM, ISO ProxLite, and ProxLite key fobs and tags • HID 125 kHz ProxCard II, ISOProx II, ProxKey II, ProxCard and Corporate 1000 (custom formats) • MIFARE ISO 14443A Card Serial Number (CSN) • MIFARE/DESFire CSN • Vicinity ISO 15693 CSN • HID iCLASS CSN

ACL805SUW-RDPX-S Lettore 125 KHz con tastiera


Lettore 125 KHz con tastiera , uscita Wiegand, colore argento

  • Da interno/esterno
  • A prova di polvere e resistente all’acqua (IP65)
  • Design attraente e innovativo
  • Buzzer incluso
  • Led a tre colori

ACT1161WPO – Keypad slim, wiegand, Pin only, 2M, black


Pin Only reader with Wiegand ouput

The ACT1161WPO is a pinpad only reader, with a Wiegand output. It can be connected to any access control panel that supports the Wiegand interface. The ACT1161WPO does not have a built-in proximity and/or mifare reader. The reader can be used for specific applications where access can be granted by using a PIN only. The maximum number of digits for the PIN-code is 6 digits. The readers are designed, for example, to mount on metal, window or door frames and are suitable for any location that requires a small reader. When entering the PIN-code the following rules apply • When entering a PIN-code with less than 6 digits, the PIN-code needs to be confirmed by a # • When entering a PIN-code with exactly 6 digits, it is not necessary to confirm by a # The wiegand output is generated as a prefix of ’10’ followed by a the 6 digit pin. Some examples can be found below PIN Code: 123456 = > generated Wiegand output 10123456 PIN Code: 987# => generated Wiegand output 1000987 PIN Code: 1# => generated Wiegand output 1000001.


The unique design of the housing guarantees that the readers can be used in the most demanding surroundings. Readers can be installed directly on to

LNL-ID7CP-WSP – Lettore Mifare® DESFire con tastiera, 7C 2.0, con cavo 3m


Legge il numero seriale del chip (CSN),
Robusto contenitore plastico,
Installazione in interno o esterno,
Interfaccia Wiegand,
Consumo di corrente estremamente basso – fino al 60 % più efficiente

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