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TruVision Device Manager 9.1 SP1

In evidenza:

Management software for all TruVision devices

  • Device discovery for TruVision devices, TruPortal panels, IFS network switches and UltraSync (ZeroWire) panels
  • Set network parameters for TruVision devices, TruPortal panels and IFS network switches
  • Change administrator password of TruVision devices
  • Manual firmware upgrade for TruVision devices
  • Date/time sync for TruVision devices and TruPortal panels


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TruVision Navigator 9.1 SP1

In evidenza:

TruVision video management software

  • License free software with scalable architecture, from standalone to multi-site host/client applications
  • 64-bit video management software with GPU support (optional)
  • Live view and playback of TruVision devices (see list for supported models)
  • Dedicated event monitor for live display of camera events and alarms
  • Dedicated playback viewer for a better organization of live and playback video (optional)


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